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PEMF at a glance
To reiterate, a PEMF device is a battery charger for cells. PEMF units emit a safe, gentle energy into the body that triggers the innate healing potential of cells to repair themselves (by re-establishing cell membrane potential). As deficient cells interact with the PEMF energy they constrict, force toxins out, and draw the energy in; fully powered cells allow the PEMF energy to pass by.
PEMF energy does not discriminate: it helps restore cell performance regardless of where the cell is situated. Thus PEMF has application to most conditions and injuries – and is often a catalyst for maximizing the benefits of other methods. Indeed, the probable therapeutic contribution of PEMF is well-documented across joint and muscle pain, athletic injury, fractures, cancer, stroke, Parkinson’s, MS, neuropathy, and myriad other conditions.

Typically (following a 15 minute treatment with a clinical-level PEMF device) 95% of patients will report a significant improvement in range of motion, less pain, increased energy, and general feeling of well-being; they will hold this improvement for 4 hours to 4 days (depending upon their health and the severity of any condition they have). PEMF contraindications are pacemaker (or other electronic implant), pregnancy, and severe cases of epilepsy; caution is recommended with steel plates and blood thinners.
PEMF technology dates back to the work of Nikola Tesla in the late 1800s. Predecessor “PEMF” devices were prevalent in US hospitals in the 1930s and 1940s before the health system went in the direction of pharmaceuticals. PEMF devices are highly-complementary to most other human and/or Large or Small animals treatment modalities; most users report rapid uptake by patients/clients.

PER 2000 Series at a glance
PER 2000 Series devices are the most powerful (23.2 to 32.3 Tesla) PEMF units available in the marketplace. Additional advantages/features include:
• PER 2000 units are plasma devices which amplify the input power, and utilize a varying pulse rate which makes it difficult for cells to anticipate (and therefore resist) the PEMF energy. Most competitive devices are switched (i.e. run on a timer with a fixed pulse interval).
• The PER 2000 Series offers many removable coils thereby offering a wide range of treatment options and the ability to customize a set of attachments tailored to the specific needs of your patients/practice.
• The intensity range is wide – enabling treatments to be almost imperceptible (for highly-sensitive people) all the way to the most powerful pulses in the industry.
• Units are easily portable.
• Units are manufactured to the highest ISO 13485 standards and supported by an all parts and labor warranty.

The PER HD model is the most powerful (32.3 Tesla) readily available PEMF unit in the world. It too is designed for use with people of all health levels – but has added power for “difficult” cases as well as larger and/or heavily-muscled individuals.

PER 2000 Offer
Regardless of which unit chosen we typically recommend the following coil configuration and warranty:
• A premium accessory (4 coil) package including an all-purpose, a 3-round, a blanket, and a rope coil These coils are designed to provide the maximum number of treatment options.
• A 2 year all parts and labor warranty.
• All training (and patient marketing/introduction assistance).

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