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That’s exactly what is going to be answered in this review. The whole truth and nothing but the truth. Let’s start by revealing what PEMF therapy is, the science behind it and the benefits you stand to gain from trying it.

Why is PEMF therapy so important and can it really help you uncork your body’s natural healing powers? PEMF stands for Pulse Electro-Magnetic Field therapy. And the idea behind this therapy is that the Earth emits has an electromagnetic field that’s measurable in frequency and intensity. This frequency is like the fifth element. Just as you need to food, water, air and sleep to survive, your body must experience positive pulse electromagnetic frequencies.

You see the Earth has an electromagnetic field with a frequency of 7.83 Hz. Your body is tuned into that frequency and fills it’s need for PEMF’s by benefiting from what the Earth puts out. But there’s one big problem.

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Just as your body must have air to survive, if you live in a smog-ridden city or an area that pumps lots of pollution into the air, the air you breath may contain less oxygen and may be quite dirty and that’s not good for your health. Well it’s the same thing with PEMF today. In the last thousand years the Earth’s magnetic field has fallen by 30 percent. That means your body is getting less PEMF than normal. But there’s more. Here’s the interesting thing about not getting enough PEMF’s. When your body is deprived of food or water, your body signals you with hunger pain and thirst so you correct the problem. But when you have a PEMF shortage no such signal is sent however you start to feel weakness, impaired perception and depression. The thing we want to get across to you is that your body is composed of about 10 trillion cells.


And each of those cells is like a battery and those batteries run on the same frequencies as that of the Earth’s. And when those frequencies are weakened or disrupted your cells work at a weaker vibration. So if something works on a weaker level then you’re not getting all the benefits outs of it that, right? So what are the long term consequences of weaker cells? What’s the flip-side of that?

If your cells are fully-charged and working at maximum power then you enjoy the benefits of strong healthy cells that operate at peak performance.