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The P.E.R 2000 device is widely considered the best in the industry. Pulsed Energy Technology custom training and support options ensure that you get the best results from your machine.

Pulsed Energy Technology is now offering advanced on-site device training to all users seeking even greater energy restoration and pain management benefits. Call us today to find out if on-site training is right for you.

In fact, our commitment to quality and the restorative benefits of Pulsed Energy is so great that our support team offers training services for all energy devices – even our competitors!

Without the proper training, users may not experience the full range of therapeutic benefits offered by the P.E.R. 2000. If you’re not getting the most out of your machine, even if it was purchased from a competitor, we can help. Call Pulsed Energy Technology today to get started with our advanced training course!

Pulsed Energy Technology P.E.R. 2000
With the proper training, the P.E.R 2000 is safe, easy and effective to use without any specific technical knowledge. The lightweight, portable device offers adjustable controls and multipurpose applicators to optimize the impact of each Energy Session. Device training is essential to establish the appropriate use of the device for your needs. Convenient, user-friendly basic training is provided with the purchase of each device, including:

– Custom tutorials for your unique therapeutic treatment
– Live training with one of our skilled support team representatives
– Keys to mastering the P.E.R. 2000 state-of-the-art technology